During the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival, guided bus tours are offered from the Rockville Courthouse Square from the Northwest corner (36 and Market St). The bus tours (comfortable seats, A/C, heat, etc.) depart at various times throughout the first 9 days of the festival, last for about 3 - 3.5 hours, and are $20 a person.

For the 2019 Covered Bridge Bus Tours, reservations will start August 1st, 2019 and you can go to www.coveredbridgebustours.com to make your reservations ahead of time! If you have questions regarding our bus tours, call 765-569-5226. *Note: We cannot start reserving tickets until August 1st, even if you call.

  • North Route: Includes the towns of Tangier (known for their famous buried beef) and Bloomingdale (known for their apple butter) as well as 5 covered bridges (West Union, Marshall, Rush Creek, Jackson, and Catlin).

  • Southwest Route: Includes the towns of Montezuma (known for their hog roast), Mecca (known for their one-room schoolhouse), and Rosedale (known for their shopping at their civic center) as well as 6 covered bridges (Melcher, Sim Smith, Phillips, Mecca, Roseville, and Thorpe Ford).